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I have been told that I may have a few days to go. I would like to spend that time with my family. If you are already booked to visit, please still come. But no new visits please. My apologies … Continue reading

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Hard News

Yesterday we received some hard news.  None of the surgical options are feasible, and so I have about a month to live.  sorry about the method of delivery of this message but I wanted you to receive it asap.   … Continue reading

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New Hospital Admission

On Friday, I again experienced high high pain.  This time I yelled out loud when shifting from standing to sitting and vice versa.  Regis called the hospital to let the docs know I could not come in for my appointments.  … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life

I wanted to just write a post that outlines a non-hospital day.  Regis added up, and not counting weekends, we were at the Hospital every day but four in October.  So far, touch wood, November has been much calmer. So … Continue reading

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Just a bunch more things to let you know!

I’ve not posted since October 13 and there’s a bunch more stuff that’s happened in the meantime to let you know about. Swelling:  I’ve had problems with swelling in my abdomen and pelvis that have given me upset stomach and … Continue reading

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SBRT and symptom management

Last Friday we saw a symptom management specialist to get the pain and nausea and whatnot under control.  I’ve been following his medication guidelines since then and feeling somewhat better – less pain, still sometimes diarrhea/vomiting, interspersed with not being … Continue reading

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A Buncha Stuff

So we’ve landed, though not completely moved, into our two month residence while our elevator is replaced in our building.  It’s a pretty nice space, small but with lots of light.  There bed is a lot harder to get into; … Continue reading

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