I’m a 50-year-old labour lawyer who’s hoping to make it to 55.  I have cancer. This is my blog.


3 Responses to About

  1. Regis says:

    Please add more to this section. It fails to mention key information, like you’re a great mom, awesome wife, solid friend, vinyl fiend, and owner of the cutest dogs in Centertown.

  2. len says:

    The light that shines from your eyes has always amazed me. Len.

  3. len says:

    Regis, I can be reached at makigilbert@tbaytel.net Please keep me advised of the situation, and I would share some stories of our early time together. We were together for a brief but intense period, and even got married. The story in between I did not share, as I got on with life, and interacted only breifly with Mary and friends in the following years. Suffice to say, falling in love with the likes of her is not something one easily forgets.
    Mary; The summer of 1986 was the highlight; so much joy, late nights. early mornings, walking in rain or sunshine didn’t matter, so much intensity, and then so much painting… with your awai blaster player tunes (and I still have your voice on cassette after accidentily hitting play). The big chance we took was all worth it, although it didn’t work out. i wouldn’t change a thing, we’ll maybe a few … Love, Len.

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