Hard News

Yesterday we received some hard news.  None of the surgical options are feasible, and so I have about a month to live.  sorry about the method of delivery of this message but I wanted you to receive it asap.


My next post will be to let you know if/when I get home.  You can visit me at home the next day after that post.  You can still come to hospital in the meantime.

Come prepared to talk about your life.  I won’t want to focus on the dull terribleness of what’s going on with me, but on what’s fun and cool with you.

Sorry this message is so short but its what I can do now.

xoxo Mary

ps it may be hard for me to reply to comments on this site for awhile due to no computer, but I can read them.

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12 Responses to Hard News

  1. Kimberley says:

    Mary, I am sooooooooooooo sorry to hear that. It must be shattering for you and your family. What can I do? I am willing/available for anything.
    Did you know that I have always secretly admired you? You are such a dignified, gentle, intelligent woman with a warm smile and quick wit that is never malicious. I really do believe you have lived just as your precept and that is so difficult with cancer. I learn something from everyone I meet in this work and there is much I will take away from my brief (you are always in demand) chats with you.
    Please let me know what I might be able to do for you or your family.
    Best Wishes and Warm Thoughts,

    • fuzzpedals says:

      Hi Kimberley, thanks for your message. I have always really appreciated you and how caring, compassionate, and wise you are with dealing with everyone and keeping clients and volunteers on track, happy, and in a great environment. Also very stylish!
      I too learned a lot from my shorter time spent with all of you and am a big supporter of May Court. Please say thank you and what a pleasure it was to have time with each of the patients and volunteers I worked with.

      Please email me in a couple of weeks so I can send via you individual messages for them.

      I have continued to be well supported by Dianne in matching me with Rita, who is wonderful. Please thank Dianne for her initial assessment, all of our time in your absence, and the terrific match.
      When things are closer to the end I have put in my ADC that I’d like to end up at May Court if needed. If you have any pull in that regard, I hope you will be able to use it! xoxo m

  2. Deborah says:

    Your wisdom and strength have always inspired me. I hope you can remain comfortable and that each day brings small joys and remembrances. You are surrounded by so much love. Blessings. Deborah

  3. leah says:

    What horrible news. Reading your blog and hearing your stories I think you are such a brave, brave woman to face all of the difficulties you have/are having. I am hoping I can make it up to Ottawa fairly soon so will watch updates here of your location etc. To plan around.

    I will give you a little window into my day today – hanging our at Uncle Ernie’s apartment, along with our dog Lello who is always welcome and I think gives Ernie a little perk of extra animal love. Ernie is napping, so Lello has joined him (dog on the floor) while I take a quiet minute in a busy life!

    Headed to the gym this morning, and on inspiration from Jane, tried to workout for the both of is ( my thighs may not forgive me but my spin class teacher was pretty happy).

    Sending you lots of strength and love,

  4. I appreciate everything all of you do for our sweet uncle Ernie. I know how hard that work can be emotionally too. I’m glad the home makes pets welcome and you can all be there with him. Jane is a force as well and is definitely and inspiration. Here’s to strong MacKinnon women forever! Looking forward to seeing you and Meghan.
    xoxox Mary

  5. Cathy Remus says:

    Dear Mary, well, this is one of those times when It’s hard to be so far away. Life is good here in Vancouver, every day I’m grateful to be here. It’s fun to learn my way around a new place, meet new people, be a student again. Challenging – to be out of my comfort zone – but fun. It’s true that it rains a lot here and it’s also true that when the sun comes out it’s breathtakingly gorgeous. Today, the clouds parted just at sunset, chased orange as they blew away, and the waves were breaking purple on the beach, the loudest I’ve heard them yet! Mary, I’ve loved meeting you in bookclub, everything you said was wise and interesting and made me think. I am with you over this next time – from a distance, but right there with you. Big hug, Cathy

  6. Elinor Mahoney says:

    Dear Mary, I just read your blog post today ; was traveling and sightseeing on the way to Florida and had only glanced at Facebook while on the road. I am shocked and saddened by your news. I still picture you as that young, warm, curious, empathetic law student with the big beautiful eyes . Wait – I know you still are that person, with some extra years and experience!

    I am in Florida and can’t visit you , else I’d be there 3 times a week. I am sure your friends will fill my time slots for me (right, guys?). You want your visitors to talk about their own lives rather than dwell on your situation so here goes:

    You and I parted ways decades ago and I parted ways with PCLS in 2010. I had a pretty good run, there, for almost 30 years. I still can’t believe I was so lucky to find a job where I could live my values; create new meaning in my life helping clients; fight for better laws; and smite the ungodly — Parkdale landords!

    In later years I worked on human rights campaigns and developed workshops for newcomers to Canada which I, with a student from PCLS, presented at dozens of ESL classes in the west end. We did skits on topics like signing a lease, asking for repairs, rent increase and security of tenure. The student played a hapless, trusting tenant and I played the most rascally, crooked landlord you would ever want to meet. The ESL students would troubleshoot solutions with us to help the poor “tenant”. Lots of laughter and learning.

    These classes were some of my favourite moments: out in the community, helping by guiding not pontificating, often sharing lunch with the class and exposing a law student to a new way of community legal education.

    Well, Mary, my first visit with you is over. I know nothing about your live since Parkdale so my post has been pretty onesided. If you are up to it, I’d be really interested to hear what direction you took after law school. I understand this may not be possible so I will sniff around your Facebook page and find out more on my own.

    I will come “visiting” with you again. Is this blog still the best place for you to check? It works fine for me but let me know if it isn’t. I’ve checked the little box below to subscribe to future comments on this thread. Lots of love, elinor

  7. len says:

    Dear Mary, I read this news with the utmost sadness. I hope we get a chance to speak. I will try to call, but If not, know that you are in my thoughts and obviously always will be. Know also that I am glad we shared a path together for a time. Do not bother with responding to my card, so many other things to do! If you would, wear the scarf, I hope it helps to bring some peace, for it is filled with good vibes from the medicine buddha, right from the source. Use it to bring some loving vibes in the journey to come. You are and always will be an inspiration to me, both personally and politicly. Namaste. With love, Len.

  8. len says:

    And now for something completely different; if you don’t know this and have access to youtube, check out todd rundgren/utopia ‘ disco jets’ circa 1974! I just discovered this, it was recorded at the height of his prog period and is very funny to hear a few tracks. I hope it will put a smile on your face… wait for the star trek theme!

  9. len says:

    P.S. If you read this, you will see a reference to a scarf I sent with the shirt. Don’t worry about it., as I think you might. My Mom and Sister, as well as Aunt Pat send their thoughts and prayers.

  10. Joe Harmatiuk says:

    Mary, I am so sorry this is happening to you. Thank you for writing this blog. The treatments you shared gave me hope for my sisters progress since her diagnosis. We were so very happy to have her at our wedding in October. Unfortunately we lost her last month. My thoughts are with Micheal and your family.
    Thank you for sharing. I hope you keep this blog posted in the hope that others will be helped in their journey.

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