New Hospital Admission

On Friday, I again experienced high high pain.  This time I yelled out loud when shifting from standing to sitting and vice versa.  Regis called the hospital to let the docs know I could not come in for my appointments.  My medical oncologist called back to tell us to come into emergency by ambulance.  We hung out in emergency from about 11 am until 8.  I was admitted to hospital and got a bed at around 2:30 am.

On Friday they xrayed the back part of my hip and found no fracture.  I was to stay in hospital for pain management.  Saturday morning I saw the medical onc in charge of the oncology unit for the week.  I let him know I was also experiencing pain in the front in my femur.  He ordered xrays and I went down for another set that afternoon.

This morning I saw the med onc and then an orthopedic resident.  They let me know that there are pathological fractures right at the top above my hip replacement, in the pelvic and acetabulum bones. They are not sure if there is anything that they can do about them other than pain management.  This might move me into bed bound and bed pan territory.  Tomorrow the orthos will confer with the oncology orthopedic specialists to find out.  Will keep you posted.  They are keeping me very comfortable with pain medication in the meantime.  It looks like I will be in hospital for awhile in case anyone would like a visit.

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9 Responses to New Hospital Admission

  1. Lisa Addario says:

    I would very much like a visit. Can I come and see you?

    Love Lisa

  2. Sandy Donaldson says:

    Thanks for letting us know. I can’t visit but I am thinking of you and send you all the best wishes I can wish. All my best to you and Regis and Liam and the hounds of love.

  3. Rachia van Lierop says:

    Hi Mary

    I’m so sorry to hear your pain has increased and again stuck in hospital. I want to send something to you but don’t have an address (maybe your temp place would be best). If you can send me your temporary address I will send to you warm hugs and more.
    Much love to you
    Rachia –
    Samir is in London right now but sends his love as well.

  4. fuzzpedals says:

    also I’m going home probably end of next week after radiation so normal address is great. lots of love to you both. xo

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