Just a bunch more things to let you know!

I’ve not posted since October 13 and there’s a bunch more stuff that’s happened in the meantime to let you know about.

Swelling:  I’ve had problems with swelling in my abdomen and pelvis that have given me upset stomach and caused some sleep problems.  After a visit to the Patient Support stretcher bay area for hydration and nausea, and one to Emerge at the recommendation of the Palliative support nurse, a CT scan has shown no new lesions in my abdomen and just the same lesions in my liver and inflamed lymph nodes in my abdomen.  So I have some unexplained swelling and my clothes don’t fit (thank goodness for Lululemon pants!)

More swelling:  I’ve had huge, elephantine type swelling in my feet and lower legs.  Again, a call to the nurse and triage visit to stretcher bay yesterday did not resolve this.  None of my shoes fit.  Thank goodness for Regis’ wide feet loafer/slippers, which he’s loaned me for the duration.

Fluid in lungs:  have not been able to lie down to sleep since last Friday due to more coughing and trouble breathing.  In stretcher bay yesterday, a chest XRay and CT scan which ultimately showed more pleural fluid in right lung.  They are referring me to a lung doctor who will insert a drain through the chest wall and allow the fluid to drain (hopefully allowing me to breathe better, and sleep more than 1.5 hours per night).  Sitting up to sleep doesn’t really work, restoratively speaking.

SBRT appointment:  I’m now scheduled to go under the brain laser on Monday October 31 beginning at 11.  The treatment will take a little over an hour.  Any and all peaceful feelings you can send me to help me keep still for this tumour-zapping will be much appreciated!  Looking forward to getting this done and getting back onto my Sutent treatment medication, which will hopefully eliminate some of this other disease-related unpleasantness.


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18 Responses to Just a bunch more things to let you know!

  1. Marlene Rivier says:

    Thanks for including me in this, Mary!

  2. Birgit says:

    Peaceful feelings, like a huge warm blanket, for your heart’s ease. We’re thinking of you, Mary. Mark

  3. Gloria says:

    Think blue sky, waves gently lapping the shore, warm sun on your face and my arms surrounding you in a big G hug. I will send lots of peaceful thoughts your way Monday.

  4. Birgit says:

    we are thinking of you my friend with all the peace and love in our hearts. We will be thinking of you Monday and all other days.

    Love Birgit

  5. Paul Young says:

    Mary, we are thinking of you. For relaxation I enjoy Third World’s Cool Meditation.
    “Sunshine in the morning and the city’s smile gets close. Problems stay behind, music on my mind and I’m heading for the coast to get some cool meditation, floating in the breeze…”
    Sending you relaxing vibes and lots of love. Paul, Kristin Owen and Fiona

  6. len says:

    Medicine Buddha blue light waves to you, starting in the eternal moment of NOW.

  7. cheers for the Buddha medicine, Len!

  8. Leah says:

    Hope all goes well tomorrow! I echo all those peaceful wishes below.
    Love, Leah

  9. Caroline Kennedy says:

    Sending good vibes your way! Love you!

  10. Birgit says:

    Glad to hear the hospital trip went OK and that you are feeling fine. Mark and I are thinking about you.

  11. len says:

    Dear Mary; Sad news, which I am sure you have heard, about Mr. Cohen. I remember you arriving at Rupert St. with the newly purchased ‘I’m your man’ lp.

    Ode to Leonard C.

    Zazan and fashion were met
    in the cut of a man’s cloth,
    with each word chosen.
    Tailoring each,
    for page or for spoken.
    Reaching out
    with each new swath,
    tearing at the fabric
    to see the truth,
    sometimes plain and sometimes broken.
    LM 11/11/16

    P.S. A card has been written, coming soon. I want a reply!

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