More appointments and info

A short update from last week.  week my hemotologist confirmed that I have bone marrow cancer, along with bone marrow cancer.  I got measured, and scheduled, to begin radiation tomorrow, noon at General, and see my oncologist tomorrow at 9 at Queensway Carleton (about a far drive out of town!)

I’m continuing to be in lots of pain in my hip, interrupting sleep and appetite despite a bunch of pain killers.  Liam has been staying over here to look after me, while Liam is away in Montreal, since Sunday.

I’m  still not really go-out ready.  Hoping the radiation will help with radiation and the pain.  Though I seem to recall pain flares last time,  hope not this year.

The main questions I have for my oncologist for tomorrow:

1.  Last week, the hematologist  let me know that my bone marrow biopsy came back positive for cancer.  Does the biopsy provide further information about amount or extent of the cancer in biopsy?

2.  How does cancer in biopsy, generally, affect prognosis for kidney cancer? Is it a common place of progression?
3.  How does rapid growth in bone cancer while off treatment
(3.4×1.6 to 5.5x 5.6cm from July 6 to August 31) affect prognosis and pain?
4.  Now that platelet issues are determined to be caused by cancer in bone marrow,
rather than idiopathic issues or Sutent, how quickly is it possible to return to treatment on Sutent; given a) duration of prior stability on sutent; b) likelihood of tumour flares on other treatments; c) likelihood of current further progression off treatment from Sept 1 to present, and significant increase in pain?
I also have an assignment from my PSW and home care nurse, both given today, to call CCAC and see if I can get more help.
None of this (radiation treatment starting, trying to advocate for nursing and treatment that my doctor hasn’t wanted to return to) seems like a stellar thing to do mid-move yest week; but we’ll survive!


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