Short update

Hello and Happy September!  It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted.  Although I’m still waiting for some info (more on that shortly), I do have some updates to pass along.  Rather than ask you to wait with me, I’ll get busy and pass along the current stuff.

First, my platelet counts have continued to bounce up and down since my last post; down to 44, and 32, back up to 65, back down again.   The hematologist has suggested a platelet transfusion.  I’ve declined this so far, given the very awful reaction I had to a transfusion back last January.  Although I feel fairly weak, I don’t think it warrants another session of feeling so poorly.

My CT results from August 31, unsurprisingly, show progress in the cancer in my lungs (number, size, and fluid in lung and chest), and in my abdomen (increase in number and size, new lesion in liver), increased size to hip bone metastasis (from 3.4 by 1.9 since last year, to 5.6 by 5.7 cm now).  This explains why my hip pain has progressed so quickly and why I’m lying down to relieve the pain, as well as taking more pain killers.  My oncologist is also going to ask the prior radiologist if it is time for more radiation to that hip.  It won’t reverse the progression of the disease, but might alleviate some pain.  Waiting to hear from one or the other about if this is is an option, while thinking about having to start protecting my GI system from the pain meds.

Also recommended, and also awaiting results:  I had a bone marrow biopsy done August 29 (luckily, also during the visit of Gloria, who was wonderful to spend time with, and also wonderful at calming me down about this process.  Unfortunately, the results came back that week, ‘sample insufficient’.  So I’ve had a second one taken this past Wednesday, September 7.  Am awaiting results (sometime next week?) to help determine a more likely diagnosis for these flying platelets, and potential course of treatment.   It gets a bit frustrating, sometimes; though there’s no point in getting so.

Meanwhile, we are starting talks/preparations to get ready to relocate for two months October and November, while the elevator is replaced in our building.  Figuring out what clothes to bring is a bit complicated, with the thermometer stuck at 30 this past week.  Will have to figure out for three seasons I guess.  Then there’s all the meds, cushions to make my hip comfortable, throws (if last winter is any sign), food, cooking implements, dog medication and supplies, reading material, computer, cords, etc.  It’s going to be a bit complicated, because on the same day there are six other limited-mobility folks also moving elsewhere from our building.  Hopefully the relocation, and forced small-space living, won’t be to hard for us.   Luckily we like one another! and Regis, at least, can go out.

With any luck, I will have some results, and treatment on the go, to share with you by next time I post.  Meanwhile, enjoy the ongoing sunny weather and happy start of Fall activities!

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2 Responses to Short update

  1. Birgit Jackson says:

    Hi sending good vibes from go home lake. Trying to sort out a trip to Ottawa before returning to work. Any ideas where you will be relocating. we will talk soon.xo birg

  2. fuzzpedals says:

    Hi Birgit, ho9pe to see you later this week!

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