Home and Waiting

I made it back home from Hospital Sunday evening, after finishing two rounds of immunuoglobin therapy to stop my immune system from attacking my platelets.  My platelets came up to 31 (still very low), so I was discharged on two days’ steroids, also to stall the immune system.

Unfortunately, after two more rounds of blood tests (Monday and Thursday), my platelets have come back down to 23.  I called in to my patient designated nurse, but so far there are no plans to readmit me.  I have to take precautions not to bump or cut myself so there won’t be any internal or external bleeding.  I have an appointment with the hematologist on August 12th.  I’ll keep going for more blood tests Mondays and Thursdays pending that appointment.

I still feel very weak and tired, and also nauseous.  Managed a bit of soup yesterday.

I had really hoped that this was a temporary idiopathic thing that my immune system was doing.  I’m doing my best to be careful in the meantime, and not too terrified.

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One Response to Home and Waiting

  1. Beth says:

    Hang in there Mary. Lots of love, Beth

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