New Scan Results

After being back on an increased Sutent dose for one month, I had more scans last week.  We picked up the reports early this week.  The good news is that the Sutent seems to be back shrinking the tumours again.  The metastases in my lungs and liver are all smaller, and the met in my hip bone is stable.   On the other hand, my lymph nodes in my lung and liver area are increased in size.   Not sure what this means (whether I can stay on Sutent or not), but will see my oncologist next week and find out.

In the meantime, my body is having a bit of a hard time.  My last round of Sutent, I still seemed to have some energy left at the end of the two weeks ‘on’.  This time, I’ve had high BP, serious fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding mouth and nose, sore throat, and more sores on my feet.  Today I wasn’t able to take my last dose as I had been vomiting all night and this morning, and thought I wouldn’t be able to keep my meds down.

I am super lucky to have a wonderful husband who looks after me through all this.  Also friends who’ve come all the way from Toronto to visit, and don’t mind waiting while my stomach settles so that we can see one another.

I am thrilled that Sutent is keeping my tumours stable and keeping me alive; but very much looking forward to the break week and a bit of relief from these side effects.

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2 Responses to New Scan Results

  1. Kathy Ball says:

    Mary – I admire your incredible attitude and optimism- thinking of you often and sending you Love and gentle hugs to help on the hard days.
    So glad that you have the love and support of your wonderful husband 💗

    Much Love xoxo

  2. Regis says:

    I would have taken your cancer in a heart beat, sweet beautiful Mary. I miss you so very much. Not a day goes by where I don’t cry. It has now been many months since you left. I have been crushed and do not know how to go on. I love you always. You were the only one for me.

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