Feeling vs Doing

Today I’m pondering what it means to have a difference between how you’re doing, vs how you’re feeling.  As some of you know, on April 22 my oncologist gave me an extra week off from Sutent.  Then, on April 29, I went on a reduced dose:  37.5 mg per day for 14 days, instead of 50 mg per day for 14 days.  Since the end of April, I have been feeling relatively better; fewer nosebleeds, fewer days in bed, and less pain in my feet resulting from blisters.

Last Thursday I had my first set of CT scans since starting this new regime.  Last Friday, the oncologist had the results back for just part of the scans.  There were no new bone or abdominal metastases.  The liver metastases remain stable from March 2015.  My lymph nodes near my bowels are increased in number and size, but there is no mass there.  Overall, the abdomen seems to be remaining ‘stable’.

Yesterday, we went to the hospital to pick up the report on the lung CT scan.  This scan shows increase in size of some of my lung metastases.  One has changed from 1 cm to 3 cm, which is a more significant growth than I’d previously seen.  There has been a development of tiny nodules in my left lung, which were not there before.  My lymph nodes are enlarged, and an intercondylar lesion is also 2.3 cm rather than 1.4 cm.  I also have fluids accumulating in my lung and heart cavities.

While none of this new report makes me feel very cheerful, I’m weighing it against the overall improvement I feel in side effects.  I won’t see my oncologist again until the beginning of July; but plan to contact her in the interim to talk about the pros and cons of the new dose; whether a dose change April 22 is the direct cause of these changes by May 16; and whether to go back to the higher dose or stay the course.

I will keep you posted; meanwhile, do as I plan to, and enjoy the sunshine and springtime.

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