Long time, no post

Wow, a comment came in on a blog post today, and I realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted an update.  Mostly good news today.  My scans from the end of November showed stability/no significant progress of the disease since the last scans in September.  As a result, I have been able to stay on treatment with Sutent, which so far has been working; rather than switching over to Nivolumab, which seems to be effective for only about 22% of patients who take it.  So, whew.  That was a nice Christmas present.

Also, touch wood:  I’ve not had a return of pain flares since the end of November.  In fact, I decided to go off my long-acting pain medication about a month ago.  I got tired of the grogginess and hoped I’d get some energy back.   Also, that stuff really messes with my digestive system.  So far, so good without the 12 mg hydromorph contin twice a day.

My recent bloodwork showed, though, that the Sutent had been doing a number on my thyroid.  No wonder I was too tired to stand up, and sometimes so cold I was bundles up in scarf and hat inside the apartment.  After three weeks on higher dose thyroid medication, I’m less cold intolerant, and have been gradually getting my energy back too.

Even the bad news is good news; our hot water tank blew today.  Luckily, a handyman was over, doing some drywalling, and needed to borrow a screwdriver.  He went into our boiler/storage room to get it, and noticed half an inch of water on the floor.  It was really lucky he was here, as other units in our building have been completely flooded and needed move outs/new flooring/mould rehab etc when the tank blew.  So right now, I’m in our study while a plumber works in back replacing the hot water heater.  With any luck, I’ll be able to wash dishes tonight.  yay.

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One Response to Long time, no post

  1. len says:

    Hey there, glad things are OK. LM

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