My blogging is weak. In my most recent post, called ‘Deja Vu’, I was trying to post from the hospital, to update and let folks know that once again I’d had a pain incident, like the one back in August>September, which had once again hospitalized me. This time, less nausea. So my hospital action consisted of getting my pain under control, and then figuring out which level of pain medication I’d need on an ongoing basis to keep things relatively under control. I was discharged this past Monday, and things seem to be indeed ‘under control’.

One effect of the pain medication is increased grogginess and dizziness. I’ve had to give up on early-morning appointments; taking my long-acting, increased pain meds at bedtime, I’ve had quite bleary, confused mornings where I’m not very well gripped in reality. So I’m less of an early bird, but still having training appointments and chiropractic help, thanks to the very helpful flexibility of my trainer and my chiropracter and her staff.

Another effect of reduced pain has been a much improved mood. I’ve also been making deliberate efforts to improve my mood, by actively engaging in things I typically enjoy, even when I wasn’t enjoying it in the moment. ‘Fake it till you make it’ has a place. It’s also improved my mood to recall: it’s November; it’s dark; this shall pass.

Another mood booster: Monday I had a CT scan just before being released from hospital. We picked up the report at the end of the week. It seems, to my non-medical reading at least, to indicate that so far, Sutent is still keeping things stable. No notable progression in any of the various tumour sites. So the new pain does not appear (again, at least to me) to be associated with more disease.

A final mood booster: visits with friends. This weekend featured visits with the Rachel/Gary team from Toronto, and Laura J from here. Lots of chats, catchups, visiting the War Museum for a splendid exhibit on women in WWI and WWII. Just the ticket. Upcoming this week are a bone scan Tuesday, more/other appointments including two support groups and Day Hospice, and an appointment Friday with my oncologist to discuss treatment plans based on the recent scans. Heading into this scramble with less pain and much improved outlook.

Oh, plus November: we’ll soon be done with it for another year.

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4 Responses to Weak

  1. Linda says:

    Mary I hope all is well and that your Onc appointment and scan went as you’d hoped. Nivolumab has proved very successful for some people….one of the most promising meds available at this time!. If that is the route that you go, I hope you’ll be one of the success stories. I so wish our Oncs could be a little more creative with the meds that are available now. There has also been some great results using a combination of the meds but unfortunately, even where the Onc does think “out of the box” our systems (federal and provincial) keeps their hands tied. Have you discussed cabozantinib (sp?) or as it’s referred to sometimes “Cometriq”.

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!


  2. len says:

    Best of the season. Listening to; Sarah M’s “on a winter’s night’ rendition,Loreenna M. ‘ good king W’, interspersed with Charlie Brown music. Lori Emma and I just watched ‘Rudolph’ with old Burl Ives, interesting cat, he was. I recently read a wiki thing on him. Hope you have a good Christmas and a happy new year. Regards, XMas RetroGnome Len.

  3. Thanks to both LInda and Len, sorry for my delayed reply! Linda, so far Sutent still is working for me, so I’m continuing the same treatment. Nivolumab is still a Plan B if/when Sutent is no longer effective. Hope you had a good Christmas and looking forward to reading of your new adventures in 2016! Len, hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with lots of good music and time together. Lots of love, Mary

    • len says:

      Thanks. I did not look to see that you had replied until just now. We are well here. Lori, Emma and I are taking a tia chi class together. Emma is on her 3rd gymnastics course as well, this has helped her a lot. Saw Tim over Xmas, always good to see him, glad we have maintained that friendship over the years. The Sheepdogs are playing here next week, going with a work buddy (another Len). Grooving to lots of blues-ish/60’s stuff; the dead, allman’s, santana etc. The radio gnomes are never very far away though. Do you remember Nektar? Listening to lots of that too, along with Yes, Byrds, Jimi, Neil etc… Brian Eno is never too far away as well. I’ll try to get that shirt out for your BD, or close to it. Hey, here’s my bad joke of the day; Q; what do you watch ‘jonathan living seagull’ with? A; SamSung Blue.

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