Back at home from hospital, feeling rehydrated, still some pain, but no more throw up.

Back on Sutent today, crossing fingers it is still working and that it won’t make me puke again.

CT scan and bone scan results pending.  More updates to follow.  Meanwhile, happy to be eating a lovely avocado.

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7 Responses to Jiggity-jig

  1. len says:

    Hey Mary, catching up from post GD concert to present. Glad your home. We had dinner with Aunt Pat and Uncle Joe (as my neice was in town) last night. Aunt Pat asked how you are and sends her best wishes, along with her prayers. L.

  2. len says:

    Hi back again. A convergance seems to be occurring here in the Bay. My cousin from Minnisota is in town and wants to meet. We haven’t spoken for many years. You may recall, the one I thought I walked by on June 26th, 1986, on our way from the hotel room to the Dead/Dylan show!!! oops. BTW I unearthed the concert shirt you bought from that very show, you were getting rid of it at some point, and I took it! It is the skeleton surfing grafic. It is your shirt, if you want it let me know, I’ll send it to you. It’s still in pretty good shape. You can email me at makigilbert@tbaytel.net. LM

  3. len says:

    Ship to ship, (teapot) Epicuris anyone? Just completed a two day psychotherapy course with Dr. Molyn Leszcz (pronounced lesh, like the GD bass player), from Mt. Sinai . In discussing a client, he referred me to a book you may find of value; Staring at the Sun by Irvin Yolam.

  4. len says:

    Unsttled thoughts arise, as time ticks away without a word from you. Hoping for the best, that you need the rest. Waiting for an answer…And how unfair of me, to place my thoughts and feelings before your own pain and suffering, yet beyond all the years distant, I know a part of you and I sense your capacity to care for others beyond yourself, that you want and need to communicate what is happening to others. With this in mind, I await the next installmant, if and when you can.
    “Do not go gently into that good night”, the poet suggests, but I would disagree. “Is it day? is it night?” ( Yoni, the good witch asked). Jon Anderson said; “rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace” , and Hawkind ultimatly asked; “what more can I say?” More purple flying wolfhounds please, and lots more PHP’s and octave doctors! Surealisticly yours, LM

  5. Hi Len, sorry, did not see your comments. Would be happy for the shirt, and will look for the book. I’ve been having a tough week at the end of this round of chemo, but otherwise much the same. Helped out with our Heavy Friends funding drive show and the station made its goal. Hope you’re doing good, please keep messaging from outer-space teapots. 🙂

  6. len says:

    Recieved and enhanced via teapot vibes, love to you and your family. If there is anything I can do at this end for you, let me know. Somehow this buddhist/gong/WTF thingy has remained a constant with me and has indeed found a home in this heart. Len.

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