No More Pain, But You May Feel A Little Sick…

Wednesday I was in to see my family doctor’s associate, and her nurse practitioner, Clementine.  [God bless Clementine, btw.  She keeps such good tabs on me, it’s like having a mother.  A live, younger, Trinidadian mother who knows lots about medicine.  ok, it’s like having a really great nurse.]

The doctor’s advice:  the throwing up 4-5x per day from August 20-on (with a break August 24 for just one throwup! wow what a great day!) was a perfect storm brought on by: reaction to the pain medication; taking antibiotics August 19 for dentist visit for abscess; going into second week of chemo.  So, I went in asking to step down my pain meds and that’s what I got.

Yesterday I related to my son, via text (he’s in BC, apparently looking at views and then comparing to postcards, pre-apocalyptic-fires) the most embarrassing thing about being sick, this time.  Picture a quiet apartment, 7:00 am, me greeting my trainer, Anna, kitted up in my yoga pants and shirt:

Anna – How you feeling?  Me-not so good.  Anna-I made you a smoothie! Me-(runs to bathroom, loud sounds of throwup).  5 minutes later… Me-So sorry, I don’t think I can work out today. Anna-That’s ok.  Feel better.  Here, I’ll put the smoothie in the fridge. Me-(runs back to bathroom).

Today I spoke with my oncology nurse, who said my oncologist recommended taking an extra week off at the end of my regular break week.  Part of me is glad – maybe I can now eat some of the delicious produce around Ottawa this time of year! Another part of me worries – the 2 weeks on/ 1 week off schedule has been my best tumour-killer.  Does this mean the tumours will get to regroup and win some more.  fuuuuuuck.

Today I’m focusing on the positive.  Fresh juice smoothie this morning c/o my trainer, Anna.  Delicious, nutritious, and STAYING DOWN.  Getting friends together Sunday.  And, just because when I pointed it out, Regis said ‘Go.  why not.  what’s stopping you’, I got a $200 flight and $99 hotel for this:

which is worth about a million bucks.

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2 Responses to No More Pain, But You May Feel A Little Sick…

  1. Tara says:

    Hey I’ve met nurse Clementine, she is definitely the best!

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