Spoke too soon!

So the nausea + vomiting was seeming to leave me alone this month.  Yay! move focus onto eating well, for health, rather than just ‘whatever will stay down’.  My skin was even getting good, from all the whole-food smoothies and juices I was getting into.

Come Friday, I was feeling a little off.  This translated into spending *all* of yesterday making friends again with the big white phone.  Today, with some trepidation, I’ve gotten my bad self out of bed for a small bowl of noodle soup and glass of water.  Crossing fingers.

Last month’s iteration, where I got sick and then just went on with my day, seems like a dreamy situation now.  Hoping something can help get me back to that point; maybe even back my my juice cookbood, at some point.  Till then, I may be bailing and/or showing up tired and dizzy.

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