Summer a-travelin’

So July was a month of planes and puking.   I thoroughly enjoyed a visit to Chicago with Liam and Bijon to see the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary last-shows at Soldiers’ Field.  Lots of good eats, baseball with Chicago-style hotdogs, hippies, guitar vibes, adventures, architecture viewings, record shopping, and hanging out with these guys. London 2015 118London 2015 115London 2015 113London 2015 099aLondon 2015 106London 2015 109All the Chicago

We stayed in a great Airbnb in the Wicker Park neighbourhood, checked in with some friends, and did the Chic-a-go-go.

All the while, I was dealing with the long-term boily/pukey chemo stomach, while Liam fended off strep throat with a visit to a U.S. health care clinic that was not so scary or expensive.  They let us watch a shark TV show in the examination room while we waited.

After a few weeks of throwing up at home, Liam and I were back off to London for visits with our cousin, Fiona, museum-going, shopping, great dinner-having, hedge mazes, Sly and Robbie, Ebo Taylor, and yes, you guessed it, more of our good friend Mr. Nausea.

While I’m feeling relatively good, energy-wise, it is a huge drag to be on the platform for a subway or elevated train and have this dialogue:

Me:  [gripping mouth closed with spare hand] Mrrgghhh.

Liam:  Mom, these garbage cans are no good, go to the end of the platform where there are no people around.

Me:  Gaaaahgrhgaaaah.

Bijon:  [after some minutes] Are you certain you feel OK to get onto a train, now?

Me:  Yes. Let’s do it.

Not the usual way I like to roll, but still.  Side effects 0, Travelin cancer chick 1.

London, next, with Liam, gave us a chance to hang out together for 10 days.  Liam was a wonderful travel companion.  In London we did these:

London 2015 127London 2015 129 London 2015 130 London 2015 132 London 2015 134 London 2015 136 London 2015 138 London 2015 149 London 2015 156 London 2015 177

London 2015 175Lifted the spirits, that did. 

In London there were similar digestive adventures.  They did not prevent us from having the best Chinese food meal  I’ve ever tasted 

and a lovely long lunch at this Chelsea spot.  Medlar

and a rollicking Italian dinner here:  Osteria Basilico

Luckily, we returned home for August and (me) to an appointment with my naturopath.  For this month, I’ve taken gluten, sugar and dairy out of my diet, and am helping out my IBS gut with homopathic treatments and probiotics.  So far, so good.     I should be ready for Barcelona in October, leaving my stockpile of airplane bags behind.

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One Response to Summer a-travelin’

  1. Ken says:

    Awesome travelogue Mary. You’re rolling in style and ample grace.

    Of the three GD nights, I’m really glad you guys got the heavy dose of Blues for Allah with a Ripple cherry on top. Seems perfect. Your pics from my fave American city confirm that it did not disappoint.

    London in the summer is a great place and time. Good on ya! May your spirits keep well-raised and the next roads rise to meet you. Peace & love!

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