Quick Update

I’ve been really really really really bad at posting.  Holy cow am I bad at this.

Lately it’s been a combination of the old ‘hit-by-a-plow’ feeling [thanks, Sutent, jet-lag, low white counts, for that!]; and feeling like I need to create a lengthy, perfect blog post to describe our nearly-perfect recent trip to Helsinki-St Petersburg-Tallinn all night long.

Instead, today I’ve decided to forego perfection in favour of providing information.

Recent scans show that the Sutent is once again WORKING! yay.  [Regular subscribers may recall some concern, last October, when going off Sutent for radiation therapy and giving my organs a break, that Sutent resumption only works for some patients].

Results:  all lesions in lungs are smaller.  Liver and nearby lymph lesions are considerably smaller.  Bone metastasis in right back hip is stable.

We went to see the radiation oncologist again, due to ongoing significant pain in right back hip area.  We wanted to know if further radiation could help reduce the pain.  He recommended against this.   He said it wasn’t a surprise that I had this much pain.  The jagged hole in the bone is near the nerve cortex, so the nerves press up against it especially with movement.  However, the body can only handle so much radiation in total.  Since Sutent is working for now, keeping the lesions stable, we need to keep radiation in our toolshed for later, in case the lesions flare up and/or don’t respond to treatment.   Instead, he suggested increasing my slow-release pain medication dosage.

If I seem even less energetic for awhile, that’s probably why.  In the meantime, I’m feeling pretty pleased,  if plowed,  with the new scan results.

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2 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Mary, so glad to read about all your travels! All the trips sound like they’ve been great. I hope the hip pain is sorting itself out and the nausea has finally ran its course! Did you every have the cryo/cementoplasty? Ken’s lesion had also got to the cortex and he was able to go in again and have another shot of cement, without the cryo, which helped him quite a bit.

  2. Hi Linda, I’ve asked my oncologist about the cryo/cementoplasty for my last four appointments, but haven’t heard back. I guess I might need to find someplace/someone else in Ontario who does this, as she was unfamiliar with the treatment and I’m assuming maybe no-one at our Ottawa Cancer Centre does this. So, still dealing with pain, though nausea is at least settled for this break week. 🙂

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