World of Pain (Management)

So yesterday afternoon was a one-two set of appointments with my family doctor and her clinic’s pain management team; and then the radiation oncologist over at the hospital re: hip met #2.

Basically I am now on a slow-release sort of pain medication, with additional pills for breakthrough pain and/or activity planning.  There is a box of things also delivered to the apartment with subcutaneous morphine and some other things, that we will look through with the new  CCAC case manager/nurse tomorrow.  Pros:  I am gritting my teeth a lot less.  Cons:  I may doze off in the middle of things.  (possibly, you may even notice).

The radiation oncologist was kind enough to bring me ‘backstage’ and show me the item generating the pain, on-screen, in the CT images.

My ‘new’ hipster lesion is a 3 by 3.5 by 1.5 cm hole in the rear of my right ilium.  There are small fractures/holes in the cortex of the bone, around the outside of this hole in the bone.  It is the pain from these tiny fractures that has apparently been the problem for me, post-surgery, as my post-surgical pain (basically like quad muscle/exercise pain) is improving with movement, but my throbbing/aching hip/low back pain has been getting steadily worse.

So off I go this afternoon for a planning session for more radiation.  The radiation technicians will again measure me, tattoo me, and put me through a very slooooow CT scan, to set the dials to zap both the painful rear hip lesion and the front/femur area from which the other lesion was surgically removed.  The goals:  prevent further spreading/growth from cells in the front/femur; stabilize and reduce pain from the lesion in the back.    Pain reduction is successful about 70% of the time.  Possible side effects:  nausea, fatigue, diarrhea (hey, old friends); short term increased pain flare to the radiated area (hey, breakthrough meds, let’s see how we manage?).

I was somewhat surprised to find out the significant size of this new item.  But it’s a kind of relief to know that there’s a reason, and potential relief, coming.

Today’s musical accompaniment brought to you c/o Masaki Batoh aka Ghost.

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4 Responses to World of Pain (Management)

  1. len says:

    Hey there soldier, back to the battle. Your ability to bring humour in the face of pain and increadible discomfort is humbling to me. Your quirky hurmour is one of the cornerstones of your character, keep on slinging those maryism’s. You are such a bright light… that light that shines in your eyes and catches poor moths like me in it’s brilliance. Catching up to your reality took some time (after all this time) and tears, and now here we are in 2015, so many years since that brave chance we took together, so many things we don’t have in common or never shared. Through time, I realize that I still care about you, and want you to know this. You remain a very special person to me, and I treasure the good (if short) time we had together. I have you on tape while painting houses too!

  2. len says:

    Birthday wishes about now, if I remember correctly? Oh, poor moths like me sounds bad. The brilliance part is true though. Honkey Cat cassette on the AIWA player, meeting the rebel pup while staining the house and eating cheese and cucumber sandwiches. Do you remember?

  3. len says:

    Be here now, laughing and loving life, knowing you embrace life to the fullest. If you would, call me, as I would like to speak directly. If not, I do understand…. priorities of family come first. Do you have a mailing address?

  4. len says:

    Namaste. No more comment from this soul, unless requested. May you all go in peace. LM

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