Groundhog Day, Again

So I saw my surgeon on Groundhog Day.  Had new xrays taken and my staples taken out.  Basically, my wound is healing well.  The heavy metal hip is in the right location and looking good and clean.

When I asked about resuming activities, the surgeon told me to hold off for 12 weeks.  That’s basically the end of April.  It’s the beginning of February.  Yeah, you’re probably getting the picture.

In the meantime, I’m playing phone tag with Riverside to find out if/when I can start doing more physio exercises than the sitting/bed ones I was given at the hospital.  I’m reading a lot.  Sometimes I watch a movie, in the afternoon.  The dog is getting petted a lot.

Things I still can’t really do:  stand up to cook.  Get things out of the fridge or put them in the oven.  Put socks on taking less than 1/2 hour.  Walk outside.  Anything involving bending my leg up toward me or behind me, or to the side.  Lifting.  Kneeling.  Being on the floor.

If you have feelings of ennui just reading this, it would be great to see you.  I love visitors.  I bathe, read up on the outside world, and feel better just knowing there are other people out there.  I’m incredibly grateful to all of you who have already stopped by, and/or helped us out with meal prep and/or books, etc.

Right now, every day is feeling a bunch the same.

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