Dem Bones

Less worrisome news today.  Picked up my bone scan and Xray results at the General prior to appointment with radiation oncologist.

The concern with the bone scan was that if there were multiple sites of bone lesions, there would be a much worse prognosis for outside survival time; and thus less chance of having more aggressive (go-get-it) treatment vs palliative (reduce pain with radiation, hope for bone to grow back).

“No other photopenic/lytic lesions are identified on the whole body exam”.

A huge whew.

What’s next?  well, because of this the radiation oncologist didn’t want to set up radiation for pain relief until I see a surgical oncologist.  We didn’t know about a surgical appointment.  He checked, and moved up my appointment with the surgical oncologist to next Friday.   My understanding from researching this, and from what he said, is that I would then likely have prophylactic rather than palliative radiation, following surgery, to prevent the cancer from spreading any further.

The next questions are:  will surgery be an option?  Is the site too tricky, or to hard to get good margins?  Can he insert a rod and bone material to strengthen the joint or is it preferable, with the size of the lesion, to do a hip replacement?   Hopefully this and more to follow next Friday.

In the meantime, “There is significant cortical thinning on the medial aspect of the femoral neck and the lesion is at significant risk for fracture”.

From what I’ve read, once a lesion fractures the bone, the story gets considerably worse.  So for now, here I’ll be, NOT trying to snowshoe with skipoles, NOT walking three bouncy dogs, NOT trying to grocery shop, maybe even NOT doing much but rest and wait and take some pain medication.   Because that’s what my body seems to need just now.

Thankfully, also in the meantime, my dear husband has been right there for all the medical appointments, including the getting there and getting around, and asking the questions I forget to ask.  Last week when I went it alone, I pushed it physically and emotionally and was a ball of insomniac pain on the weekend.  So yes, it’s good to have support.

Also thankfully, in the meantime, I asked for help.  My colleagues and community have responded in a way that fills my heart to burst.  Many people will bring meals.  Some will pick up or drop things off.  Some will help with dogs.   Son drops by many times in a week, and always finds some way to make life easier and better.

Colour me a bit relieved, and a lot grateful.

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One Response to Dem Bones

  1. Kathy Ball says:

    Dearest Mary – thinking of you and using everything we learned at St. Hilary’s to pray and send strength. Wish I could do more my Friend. It is my greatest hope that just around the corner is a cure for this dreadful disease. Much Love, Kathy

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