Everybody Dance Now

So this Monday my physio suggested, since two months’ work on the ‘quad strain’ wasn’t working, that I see a sports medicine doctor. I tried and tried (20x -I’m persistent) to get through, but could not. Decided to call my family doctor’s office, and got in to see her that afternoon.

She booked me Tuesday am for an X-ray and appointment with her clinic’s musculoskeletal/sports injury doc. The MSK doc told me I had a white/weak spot on my femur and needed a bone scan.

Saw my oncologist yesterday, who showed me the radiologist report from the X-ray: a 5.5 cm hole from my femur neck into the hip bone. Almost certainly a bone met.

So now I’m at the Civic for a bone scan and more X-rays. The scan will check for other holes in all my bones. I’m back on Sutent. Then I have CTs for my whole body and head, next Friday, to also check on the blurred vision and see if there are any lesions upstairs. Next week I see a radiation oncologist to find out about radiation on my leg. Sometime after that, an orthopaedic doctor to find out about the extent of bone damage and if it can be at all repaired somehow.

Meanwhile, I can give away entries to the March St Patricks 5k and Race weekend 10k as I won’t be needing those. XC skis? Skates? Dance shoes, anyone?

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