Done and Done

Yesterday I completed the last of five radiation treatments.  Dr Cheung advised that we won’t know if the treatments worked for another 3-4 months; by then, a scan will show whether there has been any regrowth of the Stubborn Tumour.  I’m back to Dr Canil at the start of January, and will find out next week whether my next CT is going to be before or after that appointment.

I’d gotten almost pro at the radiation.  Each session took less and less time, as I was able to settle more easily and the aim could be set up more quickly; to the point that I startled Rachel when I emerged from the radiation room yesterday a scant 30 minutes after going in.  I thanked the radiation technologists, with a card and cookies; they wished me well and suggested they didn’t want to see me again unless I was just visiting; and I left.

I am very glad and grateful to have had this treatment experience.  However, I share the RTs’ wishes that I ‘don’t want to go back’.  And speaking of back, I can’t wait to bring it to swim and steam tonight and to massage tomorrow.

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