Laser Cut

Here at Sunnybrook for Round 3. So far the sessions leave me only a little wheezy and lightheaded, not too tired, but wishing for a full-time masseuse to unlock my scapula after it’s been crushed for about an hour. The radiation techs here are very personable, and Porter Air has been getting me back and forth reliably. It felt very nice to have Kristin along last Friday for the company and sisterhood. Today it was a comfort to have Steve’s copy of Music for Airports along (perhaps Ambient 12 will be Music for Radiation).

I can’t tell if the excerpt above is from my favorite Matmos (A Chance to Cut is A Chance to Cure). That’s my intention.

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2 Responses to Laser Cut

  1. len says:

    Dear Mary, My deepest wishes for you to get better. Keep laughing and loving, you are an inspiration, in turn, allow all that +++ energy to be recieved back. Reat after me ; I will be well, I will be well OHM ( Blue Buddha/anyone who really cares approved).LM

  2. len says:

    That was repeat after me not reat after me, sounds like what i say to my dog. OOPS. Lafta yoga please.

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