So last week’s scans show some progress on the part of one of the remaining mets, from 2 mm to 5 mm.  The other is remaining stable at 2 mm.  There is still an area of groundglass (the upper lobe area which switched from groundglass to more mets when I was off drug last year).

Next week I’ll ask my oncologist whether I’m still a candidate for the targeted radiation, or whether I should/can go back onto a more intensive Sutent schedule.

In the meantime, I’ll go back to looking forward to our trip later this month, and to enjoying the warm breeze coming in the window.

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3 Responses to Progress

  1. len says:

    Imagine Kung Fu Fighting against those nasty cells. LM

  2. len says:

    Hey you probably already did a kung fu fighting thing. Instead how about a little steve hillage rainbow dome music to change the molecular structure, or of course there is the pokemon synthesis (SP?), which my daughter Emma tells me has great healing power!!!! LM

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