The Break

So I was feeling miserable enough with side effects from April to June that my oncologist decided I needed a two week break from Sutent. I’ve now been back on for just a week and my side effects have returned, but are not as vicious as they previously were.

[the whining: high blood pressure, open painful blisters over most of my feet, preventing walking; bleeding mouth; sores in throat; unpredictable cramping throughout body]

My new Sutent schedule is one week on, one week off, which is hoped will keep the worst of these side effects at bay for a time. My next CT scan is set for the end of July (28th), so we can see if this reduced overall dose is still working on the tumours (getting rid of them or keeping them stable in size).

Also, I asked again about whether a break from Sutent for radiation would involve a risk of Sutent-resistant regrowth. Turns out, there was a recent paper given at ASOC in which all patients who’d taken a treatment ‘holiday’ were able to effectively resume. Here’s the link for fellow research nerds. So my current plan, pending the end of July scan, is to ask for referral back to Sunnybrook for some radiation treatment in the Fall.

Meantime, will go back to dealing with the heat with visions of surf…

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2 Responses to The Break

  1. HG says:

    I hope the one week off one week on reduces the side effects – and I appreciated the research link!

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