Sunday! (have I lost my mind?)

So I’m participating in this fundraiser this Sunday for Kidney Cancer Canada – the small organization that’s helped me with information, contacts for referrals, and peer support.  You can help either by sponsoring me at the link, or Text SUPPORT to 30333 to donate $5.   I’ll try to post during and after shots and results, assuming my arms are still working!

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2 Responses to Sunday! (have I lost my mind?)

  1. len says:

    Hi Mary, I have not seem any activity on your blog/site. Even though I have signed on, updates go to our junk folder, which I see somewhat after the fact. I hope you are OK and enjoying life. I was listening to some Jonathan Richmond today (I’m a little airplane meow meow) and wanted to thank you for introducing his music to me. Our daughter just finished grade seven and has a Tiger Beat magazine in her hands….

  2. fuzzpedals says:

    Hi Len, sorry I haven’t been very update-y lately. Glad to hear that Teen print magazines are still enjoying some success. Congratulations to your daughter for the end of school year, and Happy Canada Day to you all!

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