Backwards is the Way Forwards

Backwards is the Way Forwards

Upon my return from the Great Pacific Northwest, I went in to see my oncologist. The plethora of side effects that accompanied this round of meds (vomiting, nausea, huge blisters that precluded walking for about a week, bleeding, and *really* high blood pressure) led the two oncologists I saw to strongly recommend a modified med delivery…so now I’m down to 2 weeks on, one week off (from 4- to 3- on and now down to 2). It feels a bit like going backward, but if it’s necessary to do so in order to go forward, I guess that’s the route. So, yeah, click the photo if you dare…

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One Response to Backwards is the Way Forwards

  1. len says:

    A last thought for today. To you…my first true love! Once upon a time… never mind/ here we are now/support you somehow/time has divided/we are not the same/still… there is campassion, care, love you still, but in a different way/namaste. LM

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