Lemme tell you the story about the Mud Shark

Lemme tell you the story about the Mud Shark

The view from my Seattle hotel…it seems like every time I come to the West Coast I get a Zappa song stuck in my head. I’m not actually going to tell you the story about the Mud Shark…that’s best left to Frank. Instead, an update of the pleasant though challenging journey thus far.
I am mid-cycle for my Sutent at the moment…will catch a break actually starting in two days…so it might not have been the *best* time to travel. But the snow and ice in Ottawa persuaded me to get out to Cascadia and take a breather.
I flew at 1730 Tuesday from Ottawa, arriving in Vancouver after 5.5 hour flight at about 2000. Had a great snack/beer catchup with Samir, and we facetimed Rachia in (as she lucked into Cabo adventures). Flew the next day to Victoria; where I got to hang out with Mark, Rance, Eric, and various of their (all pretty cool) friends; visit with Janet Imhoff, a Red Rock friend I’d not seen in more than 30 years (!); and have my first look around at our Westernmost provincial capital.
Impressions of Victoria: beautiful weather, weird nature, great gardens, cool dioramas @ Royal BC Museum, great Korean BBQ and holy mackerel, tasty sustainable fish tacos, people are pretty chill, very organized and clean radio station. also, FRIENDS ARE THE BEST!
My second last day in Victoria, I spun records with my friend Eric at a restaurant/bar he DJs at biweekly Fridays – Cenote. The folks there were all very interesting and friendly.
My last day I went along with Rance and Mark to CFUV to accompany Mark on-air for his program. http://cfuv.uvic.ca/cms/?page_id=9484 The show is archived, but only for a week, so if you want to, listen to it now. I didn’t really do much – community announcements and set up two songs I brought – but it was still exhausting to go there for 8 after DJ’ing until 1 the night before.
After the radio program, I wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep awhile before catching a float plane to Seattle. Unfortunately, the hotel had no room. So I had 20 minutes to pack and get a parcel to FedEx, and then 4 hours to wait around for my flight. It was cold; there were no nearby theatres or public libraries open; I was not feeling well at all. So I sat in the hotel lobby for awhile, then walked a few blocks over to an indoor mall and sat there and had some 7up. The night I arrived in Seattle I was supposed to see a band play. I last saw them perform in 2007 and they hardly ever come East. But I was too tired to see them. Got a bunch of water and lay shivering in bed, but slept and felt okay the next day.
Seattle has been rainy and warm. I’ve seen lots of interesting art, gone for a great run by the waterfront, scampered to a few great record stores, and had some nice nourishing udon.
Here’s the cancer part of this post: the side effects/symptoms I recorded from the days I wasn’t feeling well:
March 1: fatigue+++, mouth bleeding, feet blisters, hand blisters (small), edema, nausea (vomiting), dizziness, intermittent shivering and fevers, nosebleed.
March 2: fatigue, nosebleed, feet blistered, mouth bleeding, dizzy, out of breath, nausea, reflux.

I guess why I mention these yucky symptoms is to say: I might look fine from the outside, but there are times it really blows to have this disease.

Also to say: I’m still having a good time looking at interesting things and wandering around as much as I can. So should you.

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2 Responses to Lemme tell you the story about the Mud Shark

  1. rachel ariss says:

    Mary – Vancouver and Victoria both sounded like lots of fun, and so did the run on the waterfront in Seattle. I am glad you are having fun, but that travel-while-needing-to-sleep day sounded very hard, yes, it definitely blows. I noticed fewer side-effects on the list on march 2 than on march 1. I hope the tendency – dates of March up and #s of side-effects down – continues for the rest of your time in the warm, rainy weather. As for wandering around – enjoy, enjoy. Iloe is off to wander in France on March 7 for 10 days with her school – wow! Gary and I are also planning to take your advice and have at least one weekend of wandering around on snowshoes near Georgian Bay while she’s away. When Gary gets home I’ll ask him about Frank and the Mudshark. It’s likely on the shelf somewhere so I hope I can hear it without going outside on this – 30 windchill day in TO! lots of love, Rachel

  2. len says:

    Mary, you are a wonder! How you mangage with such grace and composure, is FRANKly beyond me. I love the links you leave, and by the way, I have been on a big Bowie craze lately, so love the ‘up the hill…’ thing. I don’t think I ever saw that before??? Len.

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