Same Again

Same Again

This morning, I woke early to fire up the computer and print out my usual round of post-scan questions. The scan, done January 13th, showed that the groundglass area (which had been a cluster of small nodules before the last round) had continued to dissipate. Other nodules have also responded to Sutent. There is one small, stubborn, cancer nodule in my left mid-lung. The gist of my questions was: can we throw a bunch more Sutent at this thing, damn the side effects, and see if we can hammer it; and if not, may I see the surgeon again or find out more about this gamma knife radiation thingy?

I was gratified to learn that my oncologist had been discussing exactly the same questions.

The issue, however, is that since I have lots of side effects, I’m probably at my threshold/correct dosage for this drug.

So the current plan is: another round, same thing please, bartender.

More scans in three more months time. In the meantime, more pills to counteract the side effects of Sutent.

So I guess I should say, same again; can you give me a shot of whiskey with that beer, please. (Robbie Burns’ Day approaches, I *wish*).

Wishing they’d discover that whiskey and beer were the cure for this….

ps click on the picture….and click on last week’s picture, too…

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