today I had my tri-monthly scan. the scans always make me feel like my head is going to explode – no, not to worry, not physically. they’ve got nuclear science figured out a bit better than that.

I notice that when I have an impending scan, it renders me a bit petrified/paralyzed. it’s not really logical…I start to think ‘well, maybe I won’t commit to that exercise class, until I see the results of the scan’. ‘maybe I won’t arrange emissions testing for the car, until after the scan’. ‘maybe I’ll wait to get my tax paperwork together’. it’s not like the scan should be a determinant…if the cancer has spread, I will still need a car (and fitter cardio system), to get around in. taxes will still need to be paid.

Anywho, fingers crossed; should have the paperwork by Friday and discuss results with oncologist next Friday.

maybe then I’ll get around to taking the car in.

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