End of round two

Today’s the end of round two of Sutent.  Unlike the sweet science, these rounds unfortunately occupy 28 days’ body blows, rather than 3 minutes.   The judging also occurs months later when CT scan results are available.

So far, I can cautiously say that my body seems to tolerate Sutent better than Pazopanib.

The bad:  fatigue is much worse.  Feet and hands develop pain/numbness and then blisters, which make walking and all activities using hands (dishwashing, package opening, typing, cup-holding) become difficult.  Mouth becomes very sensitive to things (toothpaste, hot things, cold things, fizzy things, spices, textures) and then parts of it bleed.  Meaning lukewarm oatmeal and yogurt.  blood pressure up a bit.

The good: overall, my gastrointestinal system doesn’t hate it as much as Pazopanib. I had diarrhea in the last three of twenty-eight days of Sutent this time (none in round one) vs every day, 18 times, with Pazopanib.   My liver seems to tolerate it better – bilyrubin up only slightly, and skin less yellowish.  There are two week breaks built in to the system.

The ugly:  did I mention the ugly blisters covering 75% of the bottom of my feet.

Spending Sunday indoors, not able to go to the folk festival due to fears of bathroom lineups and not being confident of walking to the site, but mainly bathroom concerns; reminded me of the life- limiting effects of Pazopanib, which I’m happy to have behind me.

Pondering the many things I would not get done today because of fatigue, I’m still not an unconditional fangirl for this particular system of poisoning.

Will try to enjoy the two weeks’ break, and rope-a-dope-hope till Sept 30 CT scan.



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